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Tell Walmart to Stop Selling Betta Fish

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While there have been many Walmart superstores to discontinue the sale of live animals, there are some who still continue this heinous practice.

These fish, who require at the very least, clean water and a regular diet, are frequently left alone by store employees who are unaware of the proper care of this fish. Bettas are often left in a quarter of a cup of filthy water, where they can hardly float, and are ignored until they die. Additionally, these fish who require oxygen and frequently surface to take in a gulp of air, are stacked three, sometimes four cups high, on top of one another. Not only does this keep these beautiful fish hidden in dark areas of the shelf, but it also deprives them of oxygen when their air hole is cut off hey another cup. 

If you have ever seen a betta on a Walmart shelf, you will know that their water is often murky, their size and color are diminished by improper care and starvation, and they are more likely to die on the shelf and be replaced by yet another betta fish. Please join me in pleading Walmart to cease and desist their sale of live pets. 

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