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Petitioning People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Take off the Pokemon parody game, and publicly apologize.


This is important because children across the world grew up with Pokemon, and they are attacking childhood by saying that it teaches cruelty to animals. By that logic, the parody teaches kids it is okay to bully other humans, or have an animal attack one. PETA is a power-hungry organization that will do anything to get their point across, even if it means doing exactly what they set out to petition in the first place.

PETA doesn't go after hunting games, which KILL animals, but will attack Pokemon, Cooking Mama, and stop this nonsense!

PETA claims to be animal friendly, and against animal cruelty, but will make videos and games depicting the animals getting slaughtered, how does THAT make sense?

Even vegetarians who are against animal abuse are outraged by this ploy for attention by the power-hungry PETA.

Pokemon teaches children to LOVE animals, and that friendship is everything. Do we really want children to be deprived of this? PETA knows nothing of Pokemon, nor does the organization care. In the parody game, "Black and Blue," PETA accuses Ash of keeping Pikachu in a Pokeball, when in reality, Ash has ALWAYS given Pikachu the choice. Pokemon is about being true to yourself, and never giving up your hopes,dreams, and aspirations. It is an Icon to millions, PETA is trying to take that away. Not to mention the Copyright infringement; It is quite possible that PETA may get sued by Nintendo and/or by Gamefreak or any other affiliated parties. By taking this parody off the internet and apologizing, they could very well avoid this lawsuit. 

 In "Black and Blue," PETA portrays the trainers "punishing" and "tail docking" Pokemon, as well as using a choke collar and "dissecting" them. This is NOT how Pokemon is. BY ANY MEANS. PETA's version of "Black and White," (or when you really look at, Pokemon in general), teaches us it is okay to harm your pet and other animals mercilessly. Pokemon is NOT about abusing animals, it is not violent. Pokemon do not DIE in the battles, they FAINT. The fact that PETA made this game in cartoon form allows for children to find it appealing and want to mimic it. This further proves that PETA is hypocritical.

PETA has accused not only Mario, and Cooking Mama of animal abuse, but is now going after the beloved Pokemon franchise. When will these nonsensical accuasations end? They not only go after a game that teaches children to protect their loved ones by any means necessary (Mario), a game that teaches kids to eat healthier (Cooking Mama), but now a whole franchise that teaches them the value of friendship and love of all things. PETA, YOU NEED TO RE-EVALUATE YOURSELVES.

Another thing, Why go after VIRTUAL animals? Pokemon are just that...virtual creatures. You are supposed to be an organization against REAL animal cruelty, not an organization against FICTIONAL franchises that teach kids valuable lessons. 

If the case is that you are against animal cruelty VIRTUALLY as well, then shouldn't your own cause to ban dissection and use VIRTUAL dissection be banned as well?! PETA, you are by all means the most power-hungry and hypocritical organization out there, if you do not see the error of your ways.


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