Stop Uncle Bill’s from Treating Animals Unjustly

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Evidence from another woman of Uncle Bill’s unfair treatment of animals.

There have been numerous stories of animals treated unjustly at Uncle Bill’s in Fishers, IN. For years, Uncle Bill’s has been notorious for bringing in animals from animal mills. Often times these animals are sick, not properly cared for, and are not stored correctly.

Their dogs and cats run for hundreds of dollars, but aren’t even treated fairly. The dogs sit around in their own feces and pee for hours in a metal cage that little kids can stick their hands in. The dogs don’t even have a proper cage with a plastic or other type of bottom. They sit on thin metal bars all day and don’t even have food or water in their cages.

The cats are often sick, and when you let the employees know, they often dismiss it or claim that the cat will see the vet soon. They usually claim that the cats only have pink eye or something that is easily treatable, but these cats look so sick.

The small animals are usually over capacity. More than a few times, including a situation I was in myself, they don’t check when they house the animals, and male and female animals are put together in the same cage. When we thought we bought two girl hamsters, we took them home and they had babies. Turns out one was a boy, but they had been housed together at Uncle Bill’s. The birds are also always over capacity with barely enough room to fly.

Uncle Bill’s should not be allowed to sell and keep these animals in this environment. It is unsafe for their health to live in this awful place. If we are able to keep this Uncle Bill’s from running as an establishment, we can save a multitude of animals from harm, unfair treatment, and bad health.

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