Stop The Usage of Horses and Mules For Carriage Rides in New Orleans, LA

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I recently went to New Orleans, Louisiana on a vacation with my family. As we were dropped off by our bus across from Jackson Square, the first thing that I noticed as we stepped out was how humid & scorching hot it was outside. Though we are from Michigan and aren’t as used to the heat as others, keep in mind that it was 95 degrees out and the humidity was at 87%. There was little to no clouds in the sky as well. Right outside of the gate of Jackson Square (across from Café du Monde) there were roughly 6 or 7 mules that were lined up with carriages behind each one. There was no space for them to move as their heads were less than a foot away from the end of the carriage in front of them. On top of this, there were only 2 water troughs, one at the very front and one in the middle. The only ones able to drink out of these were the ones who were lucky enough to be placed in front of them.

As we walked the streets, the carriages would go by us and almost every time the carriage driver would use the whip on them. So not only were the mules having to pull multiple tourists along with the driver in the awful heat & sun with NO relief, they were being whipped for not pulling fast enough. 

Mules are known for enduring heat and distance more than horses can, but for hours on end? Pulling about 7 humans (average human weight is 137lbs.) which would add up to be 959 lbs., NOT even including the weight of the carriage and other possible passengers that vary in different weights. It is downright inhumane. These mules should not be forced to pull such weight in the unbearable heat for hours on end and not have any room and barely any water in between each carriage ride. They need to be placed somewhere that they are taken care of with easy access to food, water, shade, and room to roam around. I am currently searching for animal rights groups that will assist with this problem and help give relief to these poor mules.

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