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Stop the killing of 300 geese in Montgomery County Maryland

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In Silver Spring, Maryland the Montgomery County Parks are planning to kill around 300 geese between the end of June and the middle of July at the Martin Luther King Jr. and Rock Creek regional parks. The reasoning is that these animals have become a "nuisance" for the locals of the community. In order to collect the geese, the county must wait until they have molted their feathers so they are unable to fly away. When geese are rounded up they will be gassed to death using carbon monoxide. In addition, round up methods only serve a temporary fix to the problem of geese overpopulation as they just free up space for more geese to move into. The Humane Society recommends a multi-pronged plan to relocate geese and use methods such as bringing in dogs to discourage geese from gathering in an area. These animals have done nothing wrong and do not deserve to die. Please sign this petition to save these animals from a cruel and undeserved death!!

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