Stop the Inhumane Mouth Slaughtering of Goats by Men

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Dear Madam/Sir,

Mouth slaughtering of goats by men has been a practice in India. This inhuman practice is organised in the name of religious festival called 'Pothuraj Jathara'. May be in South India. It may also be possible that it practiced more than one place. 

They call it 'Pothuraj Jathara' in which they doing this act of cruelty when goats slaughtered by some men from their mouth in the presence of gathering that is called festival. This is festival for them, but I feel very bad for humanity and also against basic human values. This is not only violation of basic Animal Rights, but is the heights of cruelty. 

Human are human because of high values and intelligence. If it can not be stopped, I will feel ashamed in the face of humanity.

I request you all to please sign the petition and help me to stop this cruel practice. Please let the other authorities either government or non-government know it and take action against it. 

Check these videos and please if can identify the exact place and take necessary action, would serve the purposes of sharing this petition. These link you open in YouTube. Thanks a lot for you support !