Stop Puppy Mills

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You may be wondering, “What is a puppy mill?” According to, a puppy mill is basically a dog factory farm. In these mills, female dogs are over bred, dogs are usually kept in the minimum legal size cage (six inches around the body on all sides), and on top of these cruel things, most pet stores sell dogs from puppy mills! Pet stores usually don’t care where they come from, the just want to make money! In these stores, more than 4,100 potential pets are slaughtered every day! When you think about it, pet stores are supporting puppy mills! The Humane Society tells how puppy mill owners might say to a customer, “My place is hard to find. I will meet you at the parking lot.” because they don’t want you to see their dogs and the bad things they do to them.

There are already multiple things being done to try and stop this issue. There are incredible organizations like Peta, The Humane Society, and Best Friends Animal Society. They have been writing articles about why you should adopt instead of buying a pet. They also raise awareness and help animals. If you adopt, you are automatically not supporting puppy mills, which is great news. Social media users and celebrities like Lisa Vanderpump have spoken out and are in the fight to stop these awful things.

I would like to take a stand as an individual and fight for this cause. Dogs deserve a life, just like every other creature in this world. Think for a moment about all the small dogs, being trapped in cages only inches around them. Go in the dog’s shoes. Think what it would be like if that was you. I want to take a stand. I would like to make an impact. I have made a small instagram account called @helptheanimals234 that exposes the cruel world and conditions that small animals have to go through every day, that a human probably couldn’t last a week in. I will be protesting with my friends that support my cause and agree with me. I will possibly make a go fund me account so we can raise money and make a large donation to multiple animal societies such as the ones I listed earlier. I also want to volunteer at my local dog shelter, not store.

There are always going to be negative people that think this problem is ever-lasting, but there are always the positive people in return. All we have to do, is use our voices. If we speak out, we can fix this. But I can’t stand as an individual, what difference would that make? We have to stand together to make an impact. I hope you will all do the right thing and stand with me. I am Maggie Hayes, and I fight for the end of puppy mills.