Stop Fausett Farm Sunflower in Dawsonville GA from the Dove Hunt in the sunflower fields.

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Fausett Farm Sunflower in Dawsonville GA on Facebook, internet and other forms of advertising a beautiful stroll through the sunflower fields in the mountains of North GA is now planning a Dove Hunt in these same fields. They have been baiting the fields for weeks luring the unsuspecting doves and various species of songbirds to their death in the Killing Fields that once attracted nature lovers. The 40 + men with their guns will slaughter and devastate the Dove and songbird population in this area for years. Doves only weigh 4 ounces, mate for life, help the farmers as they eat the seeds from weeds. Meat yield is only 1 tablespoon per dove! They nest year round so their young will die of starvation. Federal law states you can not bait the fields for the killing of migratory birds, but it is happening right here. PLEASE sign the petition to stop this needless and senseless slaughter.