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Stop animal abuse in Souq Waqif

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The animals that you find at souq waqif are usually mistreated, misused and poorly fed animals that you would usually find stray, which is probably a better state than the way they are now. To children, they seem like fun animals that they can buy inexpensively and will be fun to play with! That is not it at all. These animals are animals that are perfectly good creatures that should have a comfortable home with an owner that loves them, not some mistreating person that doesn't know a thing about animal safety and cruelty. I was walking down the animal section, as I thought it would be fun to see, and saw an adorable kitten that was in a small cage that was wrapped with cling film. I even saw some baby ostriches that had to share a small cage that they could not ever keep their necks straight in with a few other ostriches. They even have dyed chicks which causes the chicks to die only after a few days in their 'rightful'owner's house. Please sign this to stop animal cruelty in the souq. Think about it this way: if you were stuffed in a cage that you could not even stand up in, would you like someone to do you justice?

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