Stop animal abuse! Shut down Puppy Zone in Knoxville, TN

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Puppy Zone, 8235 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919

The animals at this “store” are being abused and neglected and possibly drugged. They are bred from puppy mills, regardless of what the staff says. These animals are not coming from “loving homes”.

What you witness when visiting this place is sickening. You have puppies in “cribs” lined along the wall of both sides of the store. On the bottom of the cribs you have a metal grate with some sort of absorbent wooden chips in the bottom, I assume used to soak up the fluids. However, the feces are left on top of the grate for the animals to walk around on.

Next, you’ll notice that the store is incredibly musty and hot and smells of feces and urine. Each animal “crib” has 1-2 bottles (the kind you put in cages with rabbits) to drink out of. Now, when it is 75+ degrees in this place and their only water source is a RABBITS WATER BOTTLE, I get very, very concerned.

It is believed that the dogs are being sedated with a drug called Acepromazine, often used as a tranquilizer for animals..not an everyday sedative. The store also only offers a short warranty on their dogs, of course because of their short lifespan from puppy mills. The wire caged bottom of the cribs also seems to cause a lot of physical health issues after a period of time with the dogs’ joints.

After a long day of being fondled the puppies are left in the back of the store in the dark overnight, god only knows if they’re left with food or enough water. 

According to the reviews all over google, many individuals have complained of the animals they’ve purchased to not be full bred, as advertised, after having DNA examinations conducted. 

One woman posted on Facebook and took a video of one puppy who’s stomach was extremely distended, and not only that but it was having very troublesome breathing and she could hardly get it to move or wake up. However, when the staff was informed she was told it was “just sleeping”.

If you go and read the reviews for this place, what you’ll see is heartbreaking. One of the reviews from a previous employee states that they were made to put BLEACH in the puppies water. THIS IS SICK AND CRUEL.

If you’re ever near the area, stop by and just walk in. All you have to do is take one step in the place to know something isn’t right. These animals are suffering on behalf of careless humans. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get this place shut down. We need to help these pups, they do not have the power to help themselves. Please.

Go read the reviews on google and see for yourself.


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