Remove "PFA-Kanpur NGO" from "Raipurwa,Government Vet Hospital Cum Shelter,Kanpur India.

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Very !!Important New Update!! PFA-Kanpur has been "EXPOSED AGAIN"


These are the NEW series of "Sting Operation's" done after previous "January'2019 Sting Operation" � This "Exposed Again" Sting operation was done on "REGULAR" occasion's from month of { April-May-June-July 2019 } �
Take it as a �Post-Sting operation of after Pre-Jan-2019 Sting Operation �
Many more "darker/horrible things" were found happening❗❗

Some Details below:-
Exposed Again ( Stinged Again Part-2 )❗❗

Almost 250 videos and 1000 pics gathered in this "Exposed Again Operation"

� Healthy Cow Killed❗

� New Herd of fully healthy cow's/Bulls & calf brought to Raipurwa, Government Vet Hospital in Kanpur City of India ( That's a regular practice ) as slowly they are transferred to ICU ( Slaughter Hall ) & Killed from last 6 year's also what's the use of "Healthy Cow's in Animal Hospital"❓❓����

� Pack of Hungry Dogs fed only "Alive Cows" & such several incidents caught almost in 30 sting video, what's more surprising that no worker is allowed to abstain this, if any worker trues to do so he was badly scolded and bad mouthed by Incharge-Archana Tripathi

� Fully Healthy Cows/Bull/Newborn & Pregnant Cows Herd are brought regularly to Animal Hospital, What is the use of healthy cows in an "Animal Hospital"����

� The Healthy herd of cow's are slowly shifted to ICU( Slaughter Hall ) and killed & also directly sent off to a place never to be found again as it has been happening from last 6 years.

� Kanpur City of India is the biggest Leather Exporter to Worldwide with abundance of Tanneries & Factories from start of "19th Century"

� Archana Tripathi ( Incharge ) who also happens to be an Ex. Leather Exporter/Merchant from Kanpur City of India to Worldwide.
Why would anyone make Leather Exporter to be the Incharge of India's biggest "Animal Hospital" ?
Note only that Incharge has kept family, friends colleagues inside "Government Organization" to keep the secrets inside from last 6 year's....??

� Pack of Hungry Dogs are always Locked Inside ICU ( Slaughter Hall ) filled with Cows, as per the instructions of Incharge-Archana Tripathi ( Ex. Leather Exporter Merchant ) & Supervisor ( Aman Tripathi )

If any worker trues to remove dogs his pay is cut off by Incharge & gets mouth words.

� Dogs are kept hungry and fed only "Alive Cows" everyday. ( Almost 10 different times it has been caught on sting video at different days & month during Sting Operation )

� Healthy Cows beaten and thrown in Drainage ( Naali ) inside ICU ( Slaughter Hall )

� Cows essential Bones taken out in ICU.

� Cows Se*ually Abused Everyday, Used Con*OMS on cows found everyday.

� Calf Severed head found in ICU as cows are slaughtered inside the "Raipurwa, Government Vet Hospital Cum Shelter" along with bull, mother cow, unborn/newborn & pregnant cow's.

� Even healthy cows calf kept in ICU and Killed.

�Healthy Baby Calf kept inside ICU(Slaughter Hall) for Kill & also eventually Killed.

� Healthy Cow kept in ICU ( Slaughter Hall )

� Fully Healthy Cows/Calf/Bulls regularly brought to "Animal Hospital" are transferred to ICU slowly and killed or get transferred by "Private Vehicle" regularly "Never To Be Found Again"

� Pregnant Cows Killed for "Newborn" also "Cow's are bred inside Hospital" and killed as soon as they give birth.

Animal Hospital Turned to "Leather-Bones & Open Corruption Factory from Last 6 Year's❗❗

Even Healthy Cows are regularly shifted to ICU ( Slaughter Hall ) & Killed����

Regularly Beer/Alcohol�� & Non-Veg Parties�� are organized inside Government Hospital Cum Shelter❗❗

Cow's Essential Bones are taken out inside the ICU(Slaughter Hall)❗❗

From Last 6 Year's "taxpayer's" money i.e from Crores to Lacks is being given to this Government Hospital" for what?? Corruption??

Private "Cow Smugglers" team kept personally by Incharge to pick cow's dead body frim last 6 year's in Government Organization ??( Caught & Admitted on Camera )

There own worker's admit for "Leather-Bones" angle?

In 2016-Times Of India, U.P State President of "Gaushala's/CowShelter" asked for inquiry as Cow's were being directly sold to slaughter houses of Kanpur Leather Hub in Unnao,Kanpur on which an enquiry was promised but was buried due to influence of Incharge??

Note- Many more thing's were discovered too- "That will be revealed as the Time Come"�

It's all have been happening from last 6 year's under the Incharge- Archana Tripathi, who also happens to be an ex. leather exporter & merchant.

PFA-Kanpur Exposed!!
@ � Raipurwa, Government Vet Hospital cum Shelter in Kanpur city of India ( Oldest & Biggest Vet Hospital cum Shelter in India that was built in british era )�

But from last 6 years have been used by all these corrupt criminals for all the wrong/huge/open corruption reasons❗❗����

World urges� Concerned Authorities, U.P State Government of India, Chief Minister/Cow Lover- Shri YogiAdityanath/Cow Lover & also Prime Minister of India- Shri Narendra Modi to throw all these corrupt criminals, along with PFA-Kanpur NGO out of that Government Vet Hospital cum Shelter & take strict action ( CBI Enquiry+ RTI+ NSA Act/Rasuka ) against all of them��

Supervisor- Aman Tripathi ( Nephew )
Head Supervisor- Neera Tripathi ( Sister )
Administration Manager- Nitika Desai
Government Vet Doctor's - Dr. Rahul Chandra & Dr. Rajendra Babu etc.

Head Worker- Govind Chakravarti
Co-Workers- Sunny, Balram, Sharille etc...
Head Compounder- Jagroop Singh Yadav
Compounder- Ashish, Anand, Amit, Subhash, Vikas etc...

Exposed Again Link- At the bottom!


This petition is to "Remove PFA-Kanpur, Indian NGO" from Raipurwa,Government Vet Hospital Cum Shelter in Kanpur City Of India. Incharge-Archana Tripathi along with her Family, Friends & Government Vet Doctors/Workers have been using *Raipurwa,Government Vet Hospital cum Shelter of Kanpur city in India that was built in British Era of India & is also the biggest & oldest in whole India* to give brutal,unimaginable deaths to Cow's/Calf/Bull/Horses for Open/Huge Corruption by selling there Leather,Bones & Fats etc from last 6 year's, particularly healthy cattle's are tortured,beaten, gets eaten alive by dog's worms maggots rats fly etc for weeks and month's before they succumb to death, along with other inhumane ( sexually exploited ) things happening to animals at this Government Vet hospital cum Shelter with open corruption!!

Sting Operation was done & all "500Videos" & "2000Photos" are available. 

Also before starting this PFA-Kanpur NGO- Incharge Ms. Archana Tripathi use to work as a Vice President in the biggest "Leather Export Factory/Tannery" of Kanpur, India that too in "Operations Department" & still secretly operates with leather industry in India & Outside India as Kanpur City of India is the biggest/oldest leather exporter from India to Worldwide from the start of "19thCentury"

As per there own worker's & government worker's of local municipal corporation on record video revealed how lacks of animals have been intentionally killed since 6 years of this "NGO- PFA-Kanpur" operating at Raipurwa,Government Vet Hospital cum Shelter in Kanpur City Of India.

Regular Beer/Alcohol/Non Veg Parties are organized by Incharge-ARCHANA TRIPATHI along with her friends, family member and even Government Vet Doctors, Workers- All Evidences Available.

Many other bone-chilling evidences have been discovered & found that will be revealed soon.

World urges U.P State Government of India & Chief Minister- Shri YogiAdityanath to throw all those corrupt criminals out of that Raipurwa,Government Vet Hospital Cum Shelter with strict action of "CBI ENQUIRY & NSA-Act/Rasuka" against all of them for this open-huge corruption from last 6 years at that "Government Organization", not only that immediately remove this PFA-Kanpur NGO from that Government Hospital cum Shelter as anything below that will be a sheer mockery to bury this huge/open corruption truth under the carpet. 

Please "Support & Sign-Share this petition" to give justice to lacks of animals who have been given brutal deaths till now and also join hands together to save/rescue the future ones's too.

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