Shut Down Forest Lodge Kennels

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Action needs to be taken to make a change and shut down Forest Lodge Kennels.
Based in Northampton, Forest Lodge Kennels - Rescue & Rehoming are the only local holding kennels covering dog warden services from Milton Keynes, South & East Northants, Northampton, Corby, Kettering & Bedford Council. It can hold up to 106 dogs and 10 cats. Their ‘services’ include dog rehoming kennels, dog and cat boarding, grooming and micro-chipping. Dogs that come into the kennels have to stay for 7 days to allow an owner to claim them before being put up for rehoming.

However, Forest Lodge do not follow these rules and the animals that stay are mistreated, with no love or care. The cages are a dirty state, a tiny bed at the back, a small blanket with dogs laying in their own urine and faeces. Walking past each dog you can tell each one is depressed, scared and stressed. Some too scared to move from their ‘beds’ and some no reaction at all.

In one case, Mandy Giles had a lovely dog Benji from the kennels but he died 11 days later after 7 days in the vets. There have been at least 3 other cases like this.

In another case, two people that enquired to see how much the dog was, was told “just take him otherwise he’ll be put to sleep, he’s a horrible smelly little dog”. Once out the cage they saw he was so neglected that his coat was matted like felt, and his mouth was matted with food, faeces, and a tooth. He was so underweight you could see his hip bones. The case was reported to the RSPCA and nothing further was done.

Another case, after one person claimed their dog back after boarding her for a few nights, she was unrecognisable. The Bordeaux was skin and bone, her behaviour changed, flinching at sudden movements and loud noises.
Another’s dogs face was scabbed and skin had came off after sending their dog there for only 2 nights.

2 days ago, we found a stray german shepard that we named Bear. He was very malnourished, wearing an illegal collar where the spikes dug into his skin from wearing it too tight. We took him to White Cross vets, where he had his collar taken off and was sent to Forest Lodge Kennels although we didn’t want him to go. Neither did the vets but these kennels are the only licensed one by the council in Northampton. The kennels were told under no circumstances, the dog was not to be released to his owner. However, he was released on the 2nd day back to him. We reported this back to the vets and RSPCA to see if something can happen, and Bear to be saved, and are being updated on this.

Many dogs come home with kennel cough, parvo, and other infections. Traumatised from their stay, and no longer the same. Most are released in the first couple days to anyone that wants them, instead of being in the kennel for 7 days and rehomed properly like they are supposed to.
There are so many cases like these over the years, and worse that continue to carry on, yet the owners always deny it all, shout abuse, do not usually give the right medical treatment that the dogs need, and have no passion for their animals.

If we work together, complain to the council (South Northants Council) sign petitions, spread the word and awareness we can shut this place down and save the animals from the abuse that they endure. If we lose, this will always carry on and get worse. We are never giving up this fight.

Please, if you have experiences with Forest Lodge, comment your experience and your thoughts. Also if you want to take another step, please call and complain to South Northants Council: 01327 322278 as they are in charge of the kennel license. If you care, please sign and spread the word.