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Shut down Deenie's Bed and Biscuit-Animal Cruelty

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Deenie's Bed and Biscuit calls themselves a "Dog Grooming" business, but this is far from the truth. Located in Bloomington, Illinois, they have caused more harm, including death, to animals and they need to be shut down. Most recently, Jax pictured above, was taken in to be groomed. When his owner came to pick him up, she was told the dog had an ear infection and Deenie said she cleaned it and put ointment on it. Deenie is NOT a licensed Veterinarian, and NOT qualified to make those diagnoses. Likewise, ointments are to be applied topically, not internally, as she did to this dog. Ear drops would be used on a dog with an ear infection, and it would be given to the owner by a qualified Vet, not a groomer. Some human medications are actually toxic to animals, and Deenie had no right to apply medication to this dog.

This, however, is not the true issue. Jax's owner took him to his Veterinarian where it was found out that there was no ear infection, and this dog had actually suffered razor burn. Jax's owner then proceeded to make contact with Deenie via telephone, but was always given the run around, and told that Deenie was "too busy". It's 100% unacceptable to treat the customer, Jax's owner, this way, and then for this poor dog to have had to endure the pain and torture of the razor burn.

Jax's owner took to social media, to spread awareness of her situation, and was attacked by many of Deenie's family members. Deenie herself admitted to treating the dog for the "ear infection" with an ointment, then continues to say that she is not a Vet and can not treat medical problems, but that's exactly what she did. She had no remorse for her actions, and in fact continues to blame the owner for the dogs face. If there was a true ear infection the dog would scratch his ear, not the side of his face and jaw line.

This is just the most recent event that has happened at Deenie's and these actions need to stop.

The above is a link to the many negative reviews of Deenie's, testimonials from owners, about the treatment their animals received. I encourage everyone to read these, and learn the truth about Deenie aka Denise Kathryn Read aka Denise Franks.

The above link here is to the Mclean County Public Access site, where anyone's criminal record can be looked up. Deenie, Denise Kathryn Read, has two Felony counts against her, and most recently, her animal cruelty charge from 2007, when she was arrested for poisoning dogs at a rival groomers business.

The above is a link to the story of her poisoning the dogs at another business. Unfortunately the charges did not stick, lack of evidence, but honestly with a good lawyer, people can get out charges. It, unfortunately happens every day.

Please, everyone, check out the numerous links above, and sign the petition. This woman needs her business license revoked and she needs to pay for what she's done to all the helpless victims she and her business have hurt. No one should ever fear for their dogs safety or well being when entrusted to a "'professional" business, but this is exactly what you will do. Sign the petition, share it with your friends and family, and fur parents alike. Deenie's needs to pay for what she's done. Lets save more of our fur babies from her cruelty!

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