Change local laws to prohibit the mistreatment of animals in our pet stores

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It is a well known fact that Corbrets Pet Depot on Walker Rd. In Windsor, Ontario, has ongoing cases of animal cruelty and abuse that have been seen by many customers over the years. From contacting the Windsor Police and the local Windsor Humane Society, it is said that nothing can be done due to laws. However, we aim to change this. I would like to work together with anyone and everyone to shut down this poor excuse for a pet store. Attached is one of many experiences people have had within the pet store. Hopefully this will get the attention of our local City of Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens, our Member of Parliament Cheryl Hardcastle, the Windsor OPP, and much more. These animals don’t deserve to be mistreated. Laws shouldn’t protect the evil, they should defend the innocent. If you support animal rights, and want to prevent further abuse, please sign this petition and work with us to complete our goal. Please feel free to comment your own experiences with the pet shop. Thank you!