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I'm not being funny. There are only 6 WHITE RHINOS in the world. Not 60,not 600, 6. And I feel horrible, sitting in my chair, while my cousins (since we're mammals too) are dying, because of there relatives. Are we gonna let this happen? I have already donated, step up. Save our furry brothers. Do you want our kids to not know what a white rhino is?!?!?! Do you want them to think it's a mythical creature??!?!?! We should put them in captivity, and then release them when we have at least 300. Banning poaching, when you already have, will not solve ANYTHING. Would you like it if someone cut off your arm, and whie your screaming in pain, they sell it, and get rich, and the government is doing nothing, while you're dying. Even killing a bug, is awful. Because these animals have families, and you wuld hate if if someone killed your mom, or son, or baby, or whatever. Save our friends.

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