Save Polar Bears! It should be legal to feed them.

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One day i was watching You tube about animals living and habitat and found one video of "starving" polar bear. .

This bear was actually a dying polar bear of Baffin Island. This video was made by National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen. Instead of feeding him he kept filming the polar bear, because feeding them is illegal- he mentioned. I didn't do much research about his video because that bear made my cry the way i never cried.

It was written that Global warming is the main issue which actually has caused this polar bear to starve to death, because due to global warming temperature rises which melts the ice; ploar bear thus lose access to main staple of their diet- seals. Starving and running out of energy they are forced to wander into human settlements for any source of food. The photographer didn't feed the starving polar bear because it was illegal to feed one. I jist wonder, why?

This bear mearly had few hours, but we can save many others if this isn't illegal to feed them. I want to ask everyone out their- why transport, industrialization, cosmetics, etc aren't illegal, when they cause global warming which cause polar bear to starve to death? When we are responsible for his death then why can't we help them, why can't we feed them to save them?

This is stupid to make laws only for welfare of human beings and our society. Why there isn't any equality between wild animals and human beings? 

If we are capable then why can't we make the thing right which we did wrong? We caused global warming then we should help as many as every creature suffering due to this climatic change. Many of us believe in God, but have never seen! God send us to help others. Animals, sometime also need help and love of God and God has sent us for their help. Please help them, and it should be legal to help. How helping and feeding the one in need can be illegal?

I ask for your help to make this change happen.Due to global warming this polar bear was starved to death. Only because it was illegal to feed them he didn't live long. Help was out of reach.

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