Save dogs from pain and suffering!

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In many countries, dogs are loved family pets and  companions. But, there are places like China, Veitnam and Philippines where dogs are farmed for their meat and fur. They are stuffed into cramped cages with little food and water, with injuries, wounds and pain, until they are considered good enough to sell for meat and fur. They will have their legs broken so they are unable to escape, before they are brutally hung or beaten to death, thrown into boiling water or skinned alive. The pain and suffering inflicted on these animals is horrific, cruel and simply inhumane. People in these places should take action against these heinous crimes. I have seen stray dogs in my area being treated as though they are just roadside garbage. All animals deserve an equal right to live as all humans do. Signing and supporting this petition will help spred awareness againt those who think they can snatch away someone's right to live. Spread awareness against those tortured for greed and profit!