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The most beautiful thing in the world is to hear a bird chirping and twittering around us.But nowadays the birds are dying due to electromagnetic radiation. This radiation is created by high tension wires and cell phone towers.

Ornithologists say birds may be killed over the course of a few years. Ornithology is a branch of zoology that concerns the study on birds. For the sake of birds, we must live in a better manner; if the number of birds decreases, then we too end up dying soon. How? Many species of birds eat little insects or worms, saving food crop. It is even believed that the rain comes to a particular place, in preparation for coming of migrated birds.

The harmful effects of radiation and other electrical units on birds are precisely perceived. Some years ago, the ‘Green city’ of India, Chennai, woke up to a rude shock: numerous birds were found dead. In Chennai, there are nearly 4,000 cellphone towers. In Chandigarh, there are nearly 200. The ill-fated city of Chennai had killed a huge number of its birds to the deadly effects of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) emitted by both cell phones, and their towers. It should be remembered that birds’ brains are equipped with the power of navigation during flight. But when the radiation attacks their mind, they become confused. navigate incorrect, and suffer the unbearable pain of radiation. Some might fall out of the sky, dead. Some months ago, there was a big and continuous experiment of 5G network in a city in Netherlands. It killed hundreds of birds there.

EMR or electromagnetic radiation can destroy the birds eggs and embryos. The huge reduction of house sparrow populations,  red-whiskered bulbul, brahminy kite, and the spotted dove and many more  is alarming.

But we can stop it. Whenever possible we can minimize our phone call time and try to use texting to communicate 

The government can also take down the towers which emit more emr than the limit and they can also make a maximum tower limit in a city . For example no more than 200 towers in small cities and no more than 500 towers in big cities