Purchase cosmetics from certified Cruelty-free brands only

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Avon, Benefit, Clinique, Maybelline​, and Revlon are only some of the many cosmetic brands that test their products on animals.  In the Criminal code of Canada, Animal cruelty is only directed to individual citizens, and does not state anything about large companies.  There are alternative methods to test products (computer models and simulations, and human cell tests) which can be more effective than animal testing. Cruelty-free products are more cost-effective, and are environmentally friendly. Animals are sensitive, intelligent, loving creatures and should not be used for cosmetic testing.  Animals are not ours to experiment on, for the creation of products we use for our pleasure.  Makeup is not a human nessessitiy, so why should animals be forced into making sure it is safe?

We can help end cruel tests on animals one small step at a time, by purchasing cosmetics from certified cruelty-free brands.  Some cruelty-free brands are: Too Faced, MILK Makeup, Lush, NYX and Smashbox.  You can find more certified brands at Peta.org.
 "There is no doubt that the best test species for humans are humans. It is not possible to extrapolate animal data directly to humans due to interspecies variation in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry." MacLennan & Amos, 1990