Promoting spay/neuter programs and facilitating overseas adoption programs for stray cats

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There is a huge epidemic involving stray cats in Saudi Arabia. Thousands of cats are on the street struggling to survive without food, water and shelter. The number of stray cats continues to increase due to lack of spaying/neutering of animals.

Spaying/neutering cats leads to fewer unwanted litters on the street and overpopulation at animal shelters where they might be euthanized. Due to lack of space in animal shelters in Saudi Arabia, these cats are being killed on the street due to hunger or accidents or even worse, abuse. These stray cats and kittens are very commonly abused and tortured for entertainment by people. Abuses such as lighting them on fire, cutting off their limbs, gouging their eyes out of their sockets are just a few of many heinous crimes committed towards these animals.

We need to raise awareness regarding benefits of spraying/neutring, providing safe shelter and rehoming by facilitating overseas adoption programs and funding spaying/neuter programs.