PornHub Stop Allowing Live Animals Being Crushed On Your Website!

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It's 2019 people, PornHub is the most popular porn web out there. They have bans and regulations against  bestiality and animal related porn, but crushing live crustaceans to their death doesn't seem to be one of them. There is an organization called who may have changed their name because of their type of videos. Crush videos are a fetish of which a woman crushes a sentient animal or insect to death, the cruel hearted act is a turn on for some.

  In fact, it's supposedly some sort of weird fetish that a small group of people are turned on by, It's not a popular porn, but seeing that PornHub allows it creates higher demand and ideas for others to make such "porn" and upload it for profit. CRUSHING SENTIENT BEINGS TO THEIR DEATH ISN'T PORN PEOPLE! If you're not sure what all of this is exactly, you should follow the tag on Instagram called #BoycottPornHub, it's a campaign I started off but Instagram has deleted multiple videos of mine exposing this cruelty as well as videos that my friends have re-posted.

  We won't be silenced by these platforms where we shall be able to spread peace and justice. For some it's just a pleasuring video, but for the crabs, it's their entire life. Sign if you want PornHub to stop allowing animals to be crushed alive, it's not porn, it's animal cruelty.

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