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Petition Eddie Bauer to stop using all down in their products

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The popular clothing company Eddie Bauer uses down in their products. For those not familiar with the process of obtaining down, it is quite barbaric. Eddie Bauer has been linked to farms that claim to only use the down that is plucked post-mortem. A PETA investigation was conducted and bald birds were found on site as well as people who admitted that they do use live-plucking procedures and pass off the down as responsibly sourced down. For those not familiar with the process of live-plucking, this is what it entails; Birds are held belly-up between workers legs, and the down is quickly and painfully ripped out.  These birds struggle to free themselves from the torture sometimes resulting in broken limbs. After the down is ripped from the birds bodies, the birds can be paralyzed and many end up having large wounds. These wounds are then sewn up by workers with needled and thread and no anesthetic. Then the birds grow back their down and the violent procedure is repeated for the rest of the birds life. A representative for Eddie Bauer made a statement saying that their down is sourced from one supplier, Allied Feather and Down. This supplier stated their down does not come from any of the factories that PETA mentioned. However Allied Feather and Down is the middle man, so they cannot say with 100% certainty that the down is cruelty-free because they are not there are many of these farms that hide the true source of the down being obtained by the suppliers who then sell the down to Companies such as Eddie Bauer. With all of this said, the only way to be sure that the down is cruelty free is to abstain from using it at all. So, take a stand for these birds that are being cruelly tortured and demand Eddie Bauer quit using down in all of its products no matter the source.

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