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Outdoor Tether Laws

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Animals left out in the cold often freeze to death and are left unnatended to. This is a passive form of animal abuse as it's not technically violating any laws; but causes the animal chained or tethered up to have to brace the cold. We think there should be a law in place that requires owners to at least provide a warm shelter for the dog(s) when it reaches temperatures in the 40's or below. All animals have the right to a decent existence at the bare minimum and seeing dogs and other animals alike chained up and left outside in the cold; unnatended to or otherwise, absolutely breaks my heart. There are numerous cases of dogs freezing to death and being left for dead out in the cold all over The USA. There needs to be a law set in place that states that at a certain temparature, animals must be brought inside or given a shelter, i.e. a shed or otherwise where the temperature is at least maintained around 50 degrees or above; where the animal can be sheltered from both the elements and the cold.


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