Orcas In Captivity

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In the past few years, the issue of orcas in captivity has gained more traction, especially with the documentary "Blackfish", but Sea World still isn't taking the necessary steps for these animals. Even with their new proposed tanks, it still isn't nearly enough for these huge, highly intelligent species. In reality, you cannot replicate an orcas habitat, and no matter what, if they are still in captivity, they are being harmed. Sea World claims that they are educating people but that is far from the truth. How can they be educating people about orcas if the orcas aren't acting like how they would in the wild?

The best solution right now is to help create sea sanctuaries and to retire the orcas to the sanctuaries. The sanctuaries are meant for rehabilitation so that they can be in their natural environment and adapt to it so that later, they have the possibility of being released to the open ocean. Ideally, Sea World would help fund these sanctuaries after all the public outcry, but in the end, they are a corporation, and their intent from the start was to make money off of these beautiful animals.

There are many ways that you can help, and the first step is to be aware and help raise awareness. This is a very important topic and through the combined voice of the public, Sea World can be forced to do the right thing, and we know we can do it because it happened before with them being forced to shut down their orca show, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Here is a link to a presentation I made that will help you understand the topic better, and this is all apart of my personal project. Thank you. 


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