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Meat industry has come up with a technology called Carbon Dioxide Stunning technology for stunning animals before slaughtering and it has been used widely in last 5 years (mostly in European countries) due to its cost effective benefits but its visible that animals are screaming before they are being suffocated. The meat industry is highlighting some big Advantages of this procedure in order to cover up the dark truth of animal harassment and even the government is acting like a blind organisation towards this issue. Even BBC news issued a report on this issues and call it "a horrifying death" and still no effective solution is being presented. The meat industry must stop this madness for the sake of filling their pockets. WHERE ARE THE ANIMAL RIGHTS? ARE PIGS NOTHING MORE THAN A FOOD FOR US? IS IT HUMANE TO HURT LIVING CREATURES FOR OUR SELFISH GOALS? FOR HOW LONG WILL THIS MADNESS CONTINUE? THESE QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED NOW!