Make way for change Bosworth!

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For several years, the mayor of the town of Bosworth, MO has made clear that if there is a stray or a loose dog on his or any other local's property, that it is OKAY to shoot to kill them. This started when there were stray dogs tearing into the trash and the locals were sick of cleaning up the mess.

The town of Bosworth, population of roughly 300, has no dog catcher or pound. Even though, Bosworth is within the Carroll county area, outside of the town Carrollton. Their local pound will not take in any animals from the town of Bosworth nor will the Carrollton dog catcher come up to grab any of the strays or runaways, as the town is not within the city limits. The pounds of Marshall and Chillicothe will also not take in any pets as the town of Bosworth is also just outside their jurisdictions. It takes about 30 minutes to get to any of these three towns.

So the mayor's solution to this dilemma was to SHOOT the strays.

The downside to this, is that if any dog escapes their yard, collard or not they WILL be shot.

Meaning that if 'Old Yeller' just happened to get the catch you off guard and got loose, the mayor or any of his supporters will shoot your dog on site if it trespasses their property.

MANY townsfolk have lost their dogs due to this. As of today I just received word that my mom's dog, Bear, broke his chain and ran into town at some point. In a turn of events one of the locals shot and killed him and left him there.

Bear, while massive, was just that a cuddly bear. All this poor baby probably wanted was to say hi, and someone shot him dead! My mom had raised him. Bottle fed him every 2-3 hours  since he was two weeks old and now he is gone!

"Under Missouri Law 273.033.  Killing or injuring a dog is justifiable PROVIDED you, your family or livestock are in IMMINENT DANGER." 

Therefore, to shoot a dog for just sniffing the grass on your property does not mean you have the go ahead to shoot to kill.

What I want is the Mayor of Bosworth to stop allowing this inhumane behavior to continue. I also want the Mayor of Bosworth AND the townsfolk to find an alternative solution to deal with possible strays or runaways.

My proposal to is to turn one of the abandoned buildings in the town of Bosworth into a animal Shelter and we will name it in honor of Bear. It will be named BearPaws.

In addition, I would like to ask for help from any major organizations to come down and assist so that we can make a better situation for every dog in the area.