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Make Ugg stop buying wool from companies that are cruel to animals

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UGG is using wool from animal that are abused to make boots. What they are doing is getting wool from people who abuse sheep’s and make boots out of them. They are helping the cruel wool industry 
By boycotting UGG’s products we can make them get wool from animals that are treated fairly. Signing this petition will show that people won’t stand for animal cruelty. This will also help stop the cruel wool industry

Personal story
My name is Kaveesh Pathak. I started this petition because UGG has been buying wool from people abusing animals to make boots and I feel people need to be educated and stand up to animal abuse and help stop the cruel wool industry

Today: Kaveesh is counting on you

Kaveesh Pathak needs your help with “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Make Ugg stop using wool from people who force cruel wool industry”. Join Kaveesh and 773 supporters today.