Make education on the meat industry compulsory in Primary Schools

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The information given to young children about where their food comes from is a fabrication. Young children need to be educated about where their meat actually comes from and ultimately how the animals are kept and slaughtered. As a child, it was made normal to consume school we were given meat to eat at dinner time, to accompany our other food sources. We are told that the only way we can obtain a healthy amount of protein is by killing animals in horrific ways and eating them. This is not the case.

There are other ways we can do this, and there is a hope for everyone. If slaughterhouses had glass walls, the opinions and attitudes towards meat would definitely alter. I have been vegetarian for at least a year and a half now, I would not go back. 

(Take into account I spent around 15 years of my life eating meat, being ignorant towards the truth)

I do however realise that change is a dramatic experience and can be difficult for many to work with, so no I don't believe that immediately we should enforce everyone to become meat free. But, we could at least educate the children and let them realise the truth. It's time to stop lying to them.

I also fully understand that as humans we have free will to make our own decisions, but we also have the rights to be aware of what actually goes on behind the scenes of our potential meals.