Help Animal RIghts get into consideration

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Year by year more than 56 billion farm animals are killed a year. That’s not even including the animals that are captured from the wild or the animals that live in the ocean. If you think about it, that’s A LOT of animals. In the past, people only used animals for things they need to survive but now that’s gotten out of control. In the future, if there are no more animals left the human species can be endangered even with plants on the planet. People need to know the actual importance of Animal Rights.

What are Animal Rights?

According to Dictionary.Com Animal Rights are the rights of animals, claimed on ethical grounds, to the same humane treatment and protection from exploitation and abuse that are accorded to humans. In more simpler words, the right to be free of Human use. Most people think that Animal RIghts are when people consider animals over humans, or animals having the same rights as humans. Some people don’t really take Animal Rights into consideration.  But there are still people who do care. Two- thirds of the adults in the US are concerned or taking Animal rights into consideration.

What is Happening With Animals Today?

Some people don’t really take animal rights into consideration. They think that animals are useless and they don’t help us with anything. So the people just use them, literally use them. Most people use animals such as Chickens, Pigs, and Cows for their meat. You might think it’s yummy but after you know what they do to the animals, you might lose your appetite. More than 56 billion farm animals are slaughtered a year, not even including the sea creatures and the animals in the wild! Circuses are closing now because people realized that animals shouldn’t be treated harshly. One circus that is closing is the Ringling Bros. circus. Some makeup companies use animals to test their products to make sure it’s safe for humans.

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