Shut Down Commerford & Sons Traveling Zoo

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For years the Commerford & Sons traveling zoo, based out of Goshen, CT,  has disturbed thousands by bringing elephants in questionable condition to The Big E fairgrounds in Massachusetts to be used as entertainment and attractions by the public.

Beulah, Karen, and Minnie, the three elderly elephants that Commerford & Sons own have drawn the attention of much the public for very different reasons though, many have reported noting visible illness, malnourishment, exhaustion, and limping while these beautiful creatures are expected to walk around and around, day in and day out, carrying tourists for unnecessary photo ops and “entertainment”.

Nearly every year a portion of the public is outraged by the condition that these animals are kept and expected to perform in, and yet year after year nothing is done. The Big E, a concept based 100 years ago in the idea of judging people’s abilities to raise the healthiest strongest livestock that they can and be judged on it, has strayed so far from their roots that they choose to bring these enslaved elephants back time and time again to be profited off of.

There was much concern from several fair goers expressed online, who witnessed Minnie’s state and posted about it, as well as a video more recently posted of a camel behind the C&S tents, laying on its side on the asphault, that a keeper then walks up to and pulls violently on, forcing it to stand when it is clearly collapsed in exhaustion.

They all were given no comment from the company’s zoo keepers, and it prompted them to post evidence showing the animal’s condition to Facebook. In less than 48 hours one photo sparked the outrage of nearly 30,000 people nationwide. If we could get even a third of those signatures we could make a difference. 

Abuse is not, and never should have been, entertainment. Please help us in raising enough signatures to present to local officials and put an end to this, hopefully ultimately helping to get them all rehomed to a sanctuary.