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the assumption of human superiority leading to the exploitation of animals.

Apply pressure on PETA to set a priority addressing this huge animal inequality injustice which leads to one animal species being given rights and another species not being given rights because it is used for food or entertainment. All deserve equal rights protection under the law.

This is really a modern day hypocrisy that we protect dogs and cats under the laws of The United States of America but all other animals species are not afforded the same extent of that protection.

This is called SPECIESISM.

Below the surface of the racial divide around the world lies another common injustice we all share in: that animals are different than us and each other and therefore do not have equal rights in and amongst themselves. 

Because they cannot speak our language we exploit this language barrier as if they are mute and then exploit/use them for whatever purpose we deem necessary.

Dogs and Cats however have been elevated legally to another level and become "different" in our society under the law. Simply because we bred the wild out of them and brought them into our lives, families and homes. In reality whether an animal is wild or not, used for food/entertainment or not, this form of conscious segragation should not take place in the modern world.

We cannot expect to continue this hypocrisy and expect our world will change for the human side of the main surface issue: racism, if we don't stand for all animals to have equal rights the likes of cats and dogs. It is the least we can do for the other earthlings we live with on this planet we all call home. They should at least have the same protection under the law as all other animal species that have been given more rights under the law.

"Every animal on a factory farm is treated in a way that would be considered illegal if done to a dog or a cat."
~ The New York Times ~


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