End Rodeos

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I haven't been to a rodeo since I was 10 years old, so my understanding of what the calves and cattle go through was nonexistent. Also, I fell asleep half way, so I had no clue what even happened during this absuive entertainment.

Recently, my boyfriend's father invited us to a rodeo show, and me thinking it would just be a bunch of cowboys riding a bull, I thought "sounds fun why not."

Upon entrance, you saw a cage with calves inside, huddled together in a corner with absolute fear in their eyes, and my stomach sank and heart broke. To stomach and try not to cry when these "cowboys" would rope these poor calves while they were jerked back by their necks and tied down was inhumane.

But...not only is it abusive to the livestock used, it's also dangerous for the individuals volunteering. One man was kicked off his horse, knocked unconscious, and was rushed away in an ambulance. The bulls were picking people up with their horns and tossing them like rag dolls. 

And the most insane part of it all was when they prayed before it started. "Thank you god for letting this rodeo still go on." Really?...So that you may continue to abuse these animals and put your own lives in jeopardy? It needs to end.