End Animal Cruelty, One Signature at a Time

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  • Every year, more than 50 million animals undergo harsh conditions and are violently slaughtered for the sake of trending fashion attire.
  • Fur-bearing animals are held captive on fur factory farms where they are cramped into extremely crowded and filthy wire cages, which allows diseases to easily spread.
  •  Barbaric killing methods include gassing, electrocution, neck breaking, beating, or even skinning the animals alive
  • The fur industry causes a threat to our environment and wildlife. Each year, fur farms produce approximately one million pounds of waste, which pollutes our environment. Also, trapping induces a reduction in populations of endangered and threatened species.
  • No more fur. Transition to other materials that are biodegradable and eco-friendly.
  • Implement an additional 20% fur tax on fashion fur apparel to hinder people's desire to purchase fur coats derived from animals.