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End Abuse of Animals in Captivity Before it's Too Late

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More than 400 animals die in zoos every year and hundreds more are abused in American zoos alone. These animals are physically harmed, constantly stressed out, continually malnourished, and overall mistreated. Animal's needs are not fulfilled in zoos. There is a lack of space, stress causing artificial light, food that does not meet the animal's nutritious needs, a lack of companions for the animals and so many more cruel practices. Many animals are violently abused by the employees, many times resulting in death. This causes an increase in depression levels of the animals and shortens their lifespans significantly. 

A simple solution to this issue is to have zoos set higher requirements for their employees. By having further educated employees and hiring those who truly care about the welfare of animals, there will be a much higher potential for humanely treated animals in zoos. Workers will also have a better understanding of how to meet the animal's needs. 

There are many changes that should be made to create a humane environment for zoo animals.  Zoos should increase space for their animals. An easy way to do this is to create safari zoos or cage free zoos, allowing the animals a more natural habitat. These zoos are more cost effective and increase animal's happiness. Additionally, zoos should decrease the amount of artificial light, take more consideration of food choices and ensure animal's social needs are met.

These changes could create a much better world for our animals.

These changes are important because we care about the well-being of animals and that they are incapable of speaking up for themselves. We have seen the effects of successful zoos and how they affect our environment and we have seen the zoos that mistreat their animals. Visiting a zoo that mistreats animals is a disheartening feeling. We believe that if some zoos can treat animals with respect and provide them with the necessities of life, then all zoos can be successful. It is very important to us, to the animals, and to everyone who has ever visited a zoo that changes are made.

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