Stricter rules on animal abuse and harm on Instagram!

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Instagram has currently been allowing users to post photos and videos of users hurting, killing, and skinning animals. This includes dogs, cats, rabbits, farmanimals and wild animals. We have witnessed a user freezing dogs, skinning raccoons, snapping rabbit’s necks, and unfair environment for animals. These post are not taken down after being reported, instagram takes no action in accordance with the other concerned users. We want to have instagram as safe environment for all, these sadly are shown the explore page users of all ages can witness such. 

Instagram policies will take down other photos that include female nipples, take down political posts, and harassment of a celebrity. But they won’t take down the violence inflicted on animals. 

We want to have instagram change their policies to include no killing, indangerment, unfair living, and general violence towards animals. Although we believe that informational post about cruelty to animals that bring awareness to harm of animals like farm animals are okay to have on the platform. Although if such includes and graphic imagery the post should include a warning before clicking.

This hopefully to be changed through our petition and other concerned animals lovers.