Change Kentuckys Unjust Animal Laws!

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I believe that the Kentucky animal laws are unjust. The laws do not protect the lives of the animals. They should be treated fairly and the laws should be revised. Not many people know about the laws of Kentucky. I personally have seen this happen first hand. The treatment of the animals affects their future whether its life or death. The life or death decision is made by the laws and the actions of the citizens in Kentucky, the actions that the citizens express, are not held against them.

My mission is the change the animals laws of Kentucky. The animals are living and breathing just like us humans are. They are affected greatly by the treatment they acquire.

Law 258.235 gives the people the Authority to kill or seize dog; return by court to owner of vicious dog; liability for damage; proceeding by person attacked by dog; disposition of dog after seizure; powers of animal control officer; vicious dog not to run at large.
(2) Any livestock owner or his agent, without liability, may kill any dog trespassing on that owner's property and observed in the act of pursuing or wounding his livestock.
There is no reason why the animals should deserve this treatment. Just because they cross someones property, that shouldn't give someone the right to immediately kill that dog. That dog could be a beloved member of someones family that you just MURDERED. The animals in Kentucky do not deserve to get MURDERED. They cant read signs, see what lies beyond that property line. What really lies beyond that property line is a murderer. Law 258.265 involves the Care and control of dog; destruction of dog running at large at night; exemption for hunting dogs. (2) Any peace officer or animal control officer may seize or destroy any dog found running at large between the hours of sunset and sunrise and unaccompanied and not under the control of its owner or handler. A peace officer or animal control officer shall be under a duty to make a fair and reasonable effort to determine whether any dog found at large between sunset and sunrise is a hound or other hunting dog which has become lost temporarily from a pack or wandered from immediate control of its owner, or handler, and if he is reasonably sure that the dog is a hunting dog, then he shall not destroy the dog, unless it is found in the act of pursuing or wounding livestock, or wounding or killing poultry, or attacking human beings.

Changing these laws would give the animals what they deserve. The treatment of the animals would give them a better chance at life. Us humans don't get treated in this way, so why should innocent pets get this treatment.