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Awareness for Animals in Need

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We all know once we hear the song, “In the Arms of an Angel” by Phil Coulter, it is a commercial for animal rescue. But what we don’t know is how often animal cruelty actually happens. Every year, an average of 1,920 cases are released in the media every year according to Sometimes cases can even go undocumented. So there can be even more cases that just don’t make it to the media. Does that mean they are less important? Of course not. In most cases the majority of the animals getting abused are dogs, 60%. 18% of the cases are cats and then 22% are other animals. 

Forms of abuse come in different ways, not just hitting. There is neglect, cultural ritual, hunting, etc. Each worse than the other and will continue to get worse unless we do something about it. Neglect comes to a 32% per case reported, which is one of the most common types of abuse reported. While torture comes to a 5% and poisoning comes to a 10% per case reported. 

What does this mean? Well it means that animals are getting mistreated and can not find the right owners for them. These numbers will only increase every year unless we, the people, do something to change. Our actions make a big impact on these animals lives,  whether or not we believe it or not. 

Imagine the suffering and pain these animals face daily due to people wanting to fight them against each other or torturing them for pure pleasure. Take dog fights for example, it is estimated by that 16,000 dogs are killed every year due to dog fights organized by people. This number continues to grow to this day! Or hunting for ivory for elephants tusks. Since hunters find the ivory valuable, 100 elephants are killed per day according to the UN. Soon these endangered species will become a fairytale we tell our future children and grandchildren! 

This petition is being written in order to bring awareness to the shocking numbers that seem to be increasing every day with no changes being done. If there is no change being done then animals such as elephants, lemurs, and tigers will soon go extinct while dogs and cats will continue to endure terrible conditions and will maybe be the next to become extinct. 

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