Remove Lisa Fowler and Save the Hawaiian Humane Society

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People for Animals First (PFAF) is a grassroots effort by former and current Hawaiian Humane Society employees and volunteers, and community animal welfare advocates and groups. 

We have come together to bring forward concerns about the practices and management of the Society and to spark the change necessary to save the organization and Oahu’s animals.

Under the direction of President and CEO, Lisa Fowler, and with the oversight of the Hawaiian Humane Society Board of Directors, we provided public testimonies and evidence for the following:

  • The encouragement of euthanasia for healthy or treatable animals.
  • Violations of standard safety procedures and labor practices.
  • A hostile work environment that encourages bullying and fear of leadership.

To address the issues the Society is facing, we are calling for the following:

  • Terminate Lisa Fowler immediately.
  • Eliminate the practice of using non-disclosure agreements and “hush money” to silence employees from reporting misconduct.
  • Create an effective whistle-blower policy to protect employees from retaliation and create safe channels for reporting.
  • Conduct an audit of the Hawaiian Humane Society’s operations in all areas of the organization.
  • The audit must be conducted by an expert in the field of shelter operations and animal care.
  • Require veterinary services to comply with the City & County contract which mandates “providing veterinary services under the direction of a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine for animals in the shelter”.
  • Conduct an audit of the Hawaiian Humane Society’s corporate culture and implement policies in the best interest of employees and the organization.

For more information, check out our recent media coverage:

We are here because HHS is in crisis mode and the public deserves to know. Please help us spread the word. Mahalo.