Steve Harvey Apologize to Flint or Get Off of the Air!

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We are demanding Steve Harvey apologizes to Flint Michigan residents or we will boycott your shows!

There was a time that a large group would say "we all know and love Comedian turned mogul Steve Harvey; however, as of late, his popularity has gone down significantly! 

He was petitioned to apologize to his staff that he left high and dry in Chicago and not too far a part from that incident, he went rogue on his staff that was only trying to be cordial with him.

At one time,  he did a lot for those in socially excluded areas around the Country and has a foundation that aims to help children dream. You've seen him host the Family Feud, the Steve Harvey Talk Show, Little Big Shots and his new project, FUNderdome-- again a great accomplishment for someone that said that he once was homeless and did not have two nickles to rub together.

Well, Steve totally contradicted himself when he lashed out on a man for making fun of the Cleveland Cavaliers loosing the finals. Yes, we get it, Steve is from Cleveland and loves his teams; however, did it warrant him to hurt an entire City with one comment.

Once fans said that he is NO longer their choice for radio and certainly seeking other shows to watch as a result of his careless and disrespectful rants, it is evident that his run is coming to an end.

The reason for this petition

A man called in to the Steve Harvey Morning Show which is syndicated and heard almost anywhere (especially with iHeart radio) and joked about the Cav's loosing and it hit a soft spot with Steve, so much so that he forgot all that he has been through and all that he stands for and told this Flint Michigan resident to "Enjoy Your Nice Brown Glass of Water"  it can be heard here Steve disrespects man

So, this was in horrible taste and people are pissed! Steve, we are asking that you apologize not only on the radio but in person to the Flint residents and offer your time in that community to show them that you really do care. 

Little Miss Flint was horrified and tweeted:

"Hey Steve did you forget about me? Then later filmed a message that said:
Flint is not a joke @IAmSteveHarvey @SteveHarveyFM please apologize #FlintWaterCrisis #Flint #FlintLivesMatter #PeopleDied"

We understand his 1st amendment rights allowing him to say what he wants; however, he must understand, we the people can do the same and protest his irresponsible behavior.

As a public figure, he needs to remember his role to be a more responsible and sensitive to highly upsetting issues--thus his Flint comment.

For you to have come up victoriously, it is time for you to remember where you came from and apologize to the residents of Flint Michigan now!


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