Are men Safe ?? Justice for Men

Are men Safe ?? Justice for Men

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One gender can't make the country prosperous, we need gender neutral laws to prosper. The kind of gap being created between men and women by anti-men and gender biased laws and feminist bodies who blindly work in favor of women and act against men is scary and will affect all the growth and development of India. In India the biggest myth created by feminists and their lobbies is that women need more laws and government bodies to empower them and men don't need anything as if they have super natural powers.

There are Women and child welfare government bodies, many Government NGO's and private NGO's for women rights. Women can file a complaint against a man as simply as like buying a chocolate, she need not show any proof, nothing required to file a case.

There are many men who committed suicides as they were falsely accused, Defamed and punished. There is a great need to spread truth and awareness about the crimes and the helplessness of men in our country.

But the point remains that, people are afraid not of the law, but of the powerful/connected people. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.  I would not wish to make my write up so big and drag your reading time as everyone is aware of what the present situation is. We have made enough attempts in making justice accessible to everyone but, the discrimination and partial support is leading in men suicides which are a great loss to the prosperity and integrity.

I would like to end requesting the dignitaries and the concerned authorities to look into the issues and release an Act or Section that which help men at least file their grievance and trust Law and Order.


Naveen Paul

President - Making Ourselves Better (NGO)