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S.O.S For our Planet Earth

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Dear friends,

I am twenty-nine this year. It is terrible to think how little time remains.

Today could be a feastday for me, who unfortunatly is the mourning day view

the excessive people deeds toward Natural Resources who are puting in danger

the futur of the planet, rushing so our own exixtance to it end.


This horible situation put on weight my anxiety

for, in spite of various sommet organised on nature protection and who had

require a lot of funds, the world leaders don't change their position.


To remain in silence of such as behaviour so violent than all disaster

knowed by the humanity could be a great madness than a world war, for the

fault is not only to those who destroy the Nature, but too to those who see

and let do.


However, it's a sacred obligation for us human to protect the nature for we

are the most fragil species of the planet and our life depend in 100 purcent

to the Nature.


I throw in this facta message to United Nations, who consist to insert

programme of Nature Conservation in the Internatioal school system, for, we

can protect only what we love, we can love only what we know and we can know

only what we have learn.


To Youth of the world, tomorrow Leaders:

If it's true as wrote the profesor Jean Dorst that:''Human activities broughted to their paroxism, pushed till the absurd seemed to carry on him destruction grains of our species''.

It's too true that is Humans who make the history.

Hence, if they want, people can change the course of history and opt for good measures in view to stop the deterioration of our unique Earth.

So, dont wait that it become later in view to seek how o save our planet.


To African Youth:

We are today surprised witness of multiple phenomenon and in all kind.

These changes come over sometimes in stunt, are often speed up.

It save no sector life in the Nations through an Africa in coma, caused by a spectacular Global Warming.

So, wake up now africa.


To Youth of Democratic Republic of Congo:

we want that when scientist will transform this living planet in a artificial environment, that it still exist in our country Last Human Refuge, a Nature at pure state.

In this fact we must take conscience of our day and know that the preservation of our natural background is an essential task which we are accountant for futur generation.

Congolese forest and wildlife are of a wealth and of an exceptional variety cause of the biological diversity that it contain,

for it is in itself one of the most big reservoir of world genetics resource, cause we can find in it the half of living species in our planet.

This natural wonder, common to all humanity is at the moment in danger as long are fragil the balance and the processus infinitly complexe who package its being and its survival.


Than, this message excit the Humanity reaction in favour of World natural resource conservation.





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