Solve the gender pay gap in universities by redistributing excessive VC/dean salaries

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◦Factual salary data show that male academics earn £3,000 to £8,000 or more per year than female academics. The gender pay gap is caused by universities awarding male academics, on average, higher starting salaries and more promotions than women. Close the gender pay gap in universities by redistributing money from the obscene salaries paid to university deans, vice-chancellors and other senior managers, many of whom earn £300,000+ per year from the public purse. Not even our Prime Minister, who leads a country with 66 million people, is paid that.

◦ Women academics are now asking the government to enforce equal pay for equal work or work of equal value in universities because losing £3,000 to £8,000 a year is not small change to us. That is a lot of money to many women struggling against exorbitant house prices, childcare and transport costs. Following the lead of our comrades in other industries, women academics are hereby launching collective action against inequality in our pay.

◦ We welcome the steps taken by Rt Hon Prime Minister Theresa May and Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt (Minister for Women and Equalities) in forcing universities to declare gender pay gaps for the first time in 2018 but we want them to now force universities to actually abolish the gender pay gap.

[A] Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt: (1) Please write to universities to instruct them that affected women have the right to make equal pay claims. (2) Introduce a new fine system administered by your Ministry in which universities and other organisations that fail to process equal pay claims in accordance with equal pay law have to pay a fine. (3) Set up a free government helpline with trained advisors to advise women about equal pay claims free of charge.

[B] Rt Hon Prime Minister Theresa May: (1) Please introduce a new government policy of fining universities and any organisations that lose equal pay claims to recoup the wasted legal cost to the public (i.e. the cost of employment tribunals). (2) Introduce a new policy that will require any university or organisation that loses an equal pay claim (or any matter of employment law) to pay the employee’s legal costs. (3) Compel universities to close the gender pay gap by redistributing the exorbitant salaries of vice-chancellors, deans and others senior university managers.

Please express your support for equal pay for equal work (or work of equal value) for women who work in universities by signing this petition.