Expel Nicholas Enders from IUP

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On September 6th, 2019, a student by the name of Nicholas Enders posted a racially charged rant that included hate speech against African American students and terroristic threats that circulated social media. He also threatened bodily harm and used a variety of racial slurs. The Indiana University of Pennsylvania has a long-running history of incidents that involve hate speech and racism. Removing students that circulate hate and violence would make the campus a safer, more positive place for minorities. Nicholas Enders needs expelled rather than disciplined so that future offenders will get a clear message that hate has no place on the campus of IUP. This matter is important to me because I feel as a lot of people close to me feel discouraged that this is tolerated by the institution that they pay to attend. My friends said it didn’t matter if they spoke up to school officials because nothing ever gets done with crimes like these except an email being sent out with apologies. Disciplinary action for hate speech through social media and other platforms should be severe. This behavior is inexcusable and should result immediately in expulsion especially since Nicholas Enders made it clear that he wanted to cause bodily harm to those of a different race, fellow students at that. Please sign this petition to make IUP a better place and send a message that hate will not be tolerated by the crimson hawks. -Rachael Henderson