Stop Terrorizing Pets with Fireworks!

Stop Terrorizing Pets with Fireworks!

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riannon walsh started this petition to Pennsylvania State House and

Have you ever personally experienced seeing a dog who is so panicked by fireworks that they try to scratch their way through a wall or crouch trembling in the corner or under furniture when neighbors deploy these explosives? Have you seen animals that are in such fear that they soil themselves or in some cases, panic and harm themselves by running out into roads or through fences? Some animals become so fearful of noise after these experiences that they require euthanasia....

In 2017 allowable purchase of Class C fireworks by private citizens suddenly became law in Pennsylvania through a non relevant addition to a state tax bill.

As a result, thousands of dogs, cats, horses,wildlife creatures and even veterans suffering from PTSD have had to undergo evenings of anxiety, illness and in some extreme cases, death caused by the extraordinary fear these 'fun' devices have caused. These times of terror are not limited to specific holidays and time frames as they would be if this bill had not changed a legal situation that had been in place for the past 80 years. NO ONE had an option to vote on this, except the state reps in the Pennsylvania House and certainly their constituencies were not alerted to this upcoming vote in order to express disagreement with the direction elected officials were taking!

In suburban and rural areas, residents have noticed a huge increase in the use and frequency of explosives. Disregard for property boundaries, safety of livestock, pets, children and a simple regard for peace and consideration of neighbors is violated year round. Dogs and horses especially, with their highly developed hearing, are the worst victims of this completely unnecessary form of 'entertainment'. Many infants and younger children also react with extreme upset to the extreme sound.

Police response to calls and requests are either ignored or followed up on after the fact when the officials are unable to locate the offenders.


WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, demand the attention of our elected officials in removing/repealing this fireworks segment of House Bill 542 Act 43.

This is a question of cruelty to animals above all as well as public safety. Anyone who shares their life with an animal --please join us in adding your signature with this petition. Help us protect their health and happiness--this is NOT a minor problem and unless we all speak out, it will only get worse.

CALL your state reps and leave voice mails or strongly express your feelings to whomever takes your call. For a comprehensive list of House Reps, go to

or do a simple google search for your local reps office and phone number.

To read the bill in full or part search: PA House Bill 542 Act 43

EVERY SIGNATURE COUNTS! Please forward this petition to you friends and family as well as any dog rescue groups, Facebook groups, veterinarians etc. etc.

There IS strength in numbers but we all need to take a few minutes and pitch in. It's an increasingly out of control world these days, so let's make a difference in something that we actually CAN CHANGE and improve for the sake of all.


Thank you!





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0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!