Justice for Bentley - Change Dog Laws Following Deadly Attack

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What we want to change: If a dog is killed or seriously injured by another dog (or multiple in our case) the law that dictates that the offending dogs be labeled "dangerous" does not apply to the offending owner if they pay off the citations and put up "no trespassing" signs. This needs to change as owners of dangerous animals need to be held responsible for their dogs actions. 

The Painful Backstory:

Bentley, our baby, a 2-year-old german shepard/Sheltie, was brutally killed by a pack of dogs in our backyard. While my mother had to watch in horror as the pack of dogs ripped him apart and dragged him into the woods, she couldn't do anything but scream as her baby was taken away by these vicious animals. 

Bentley was found after the incident with his throat torn out and his lifeless body crumpled up behind our house near the woods. 

The thing is, this is traumatic for everyone in our family. We lost a family member, not just a dog. 

The offending dog, the pack of dogs that attacked Bentley, went free, still probably roaming the back roads and woods. 

The Problem:

The owner of the offending dogs has been cited 15 times in the last year. Her dogs have chased people, other dogs, seriously injured another dog, and now killed our dog. 

The law can't touch her as she keeps evading court, paying the fines, and proceeding without being caught. Her dogs are dangerous and next time it won't be a dog, it will be a child waiting on the bus. These dogs, and their owner need to be held responsible.