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Get Rid of LionPath and Switch Back to eLion

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After years of development and millions of dollars spent. Students at The Pennsylvania State University were greeted by LionPath. A platform that replaced eLion and promised to make looking for and scheduling classes easier for Penn State Students. It accomplished the exact opposite, most students did not like the 4-step-process involved in scheduling a class. Nor did they like the removal of the GPA prediction and the ability to view your degree audit and make sure you are on track to graduate. Scheduling classes have now become even more difficult for underclassmen with the addition of a wait list.  Most students, and even faculty, are complaining about how difficult it is to accomplish a single task on LionPath. With LionPath lacking the aesthetics that modern websites offers, users are getting frustrated and are not willing to adjust to what they are calling an 'outdated ripoff'. Canvas has rolled out simultaneously and the responses are entirely opposite to that received by LionPath. There is a clear path of improvement demonstrated by Canvas and everyone had hoped the same would be present with the lacking LionPath. We ask for you to sign this petition in order to pass it on to the President of the University Dr. Eric  J. Barron and get this issue resolved before the start of the next semester.  We as students are all paying huge tuition bills and expect non other than the very best web systems in order to make our studies at Penn State easier and less frustrating.  We request that in the meantime Penn State replaces LionPath and gives us back eLion to use during the Fall semester of 2016 while they continue to work on LionPath and only roll out LionPath when it is completely finished and working flawlessly.

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