Airsoft Banned in State of PA | Stop PA HB2216 from Happening!

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Link to PA HB2216

On January 15th, 2020 the PA House introduced PA Bill HB2216 to the Judiciary committee.  

This bill prohibits and criminalizes the sell of Airsoft guns (Both commercially and for the individual) unless they follow these requirements:
(1) a color other than black, blue, silver or aluminum;
(2) marked with a nonremovable orange stripe that is at least one inch in width and runs the entire length of the barrel on each side of the barrel; or
(3) equipped with a barrel at least one inch in diameter that is closed at a distance of at least one-half inch from the front end of the barrel with the same material from which the toy gun or imitation firearm is made.

If this bill makes it through, Airsoft in Pennsylvania is at severe risk.  Airsoft players will not be able to purchase Airsoft replicas within or outside of the state of PA as they exist now. Distributors will not be able to sell to any store or customer within the state of PA unless drastic changes are made.  This means that PA players will not be able to shop local for Airsoft replicas at Amped Airsoft, Battle Grounds, Mercer Airsoft Center, as well as future stores that may incorporate.  This also means that PA Players will not be able to order Airsoft replicas from stores such as Evike, AirsoftGI, or other non-PA based companies. In essence this will affect stores, fields, new player growth, and may lead to the death of our sport here in PA.

Fellow Airsoft Players and Airsoft related businesses in New Jersey just went through this with bill A4260, however, that bill had ramifications in it to exempt Airsoft guns that followed federal law.  This PA Bill does not have this exemption wording.  

Please sign our petition and help get word out about this by sharing this petition and contacting PA local representatives. 

If you are not sure who your local representatives are here in PA, please use the following website to find out: Click Here

This bill is supported by the following Representatives:

  • Rep. Danilo Burgos [D]
    P: (215) 223-1890
  • Rep. Mary Isaacson [D]
    P: (215) 503-3245
  • Rep. Joseph Hohenstein [D]
    P: (215) 744-2600
  • Rep. Donna Bullock [D]
    P: (215) 684-3738
  • Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell [D]
  • Rep. Timothy Briggs [D]
    P: (610) 768-3135
  • Rep. Michael Zabel [D]
    P: (484) 200-8262
  • Rep. Thomas Caltagirone [D]
    P: (610) 376-1529
  • Rep. Ben Sanchez [D]
    P: (215) 517-6800
  • Rep. Peter Schweyer [D]
    P: (610) 791-6270
  • Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta [D]
    P: (215) 978-0311
  • Rep. Brian Kirkland [D]
    P: (610) 876-6420
  • Rep. Joanna McClinton [D]
    P: (215) 748-6712
  • Rep. James Roebuck [D]
    P: (215) 724-2227
  • Rep. Rosita Youngblood [D]
    P: (717) 787-7727
  • Rep. Michael Schlossberg [D]
    P: (610) 821-5577
  • Rep. Jordan Harris [D]
    P: (215) 755-9185
  • Rep. Brian Sims [D]
    P: (215) 246-1501
  • Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler [D]
    P: (215) 271-9190

Thank you for helping save Airsoft here in PA and getting word out about it!