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Stop using toxic pesticides, save bees

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- Give $1,100,000,00  to pesticide companies and lower the price of organic pesticides 

- Promote organic food

-ban neonicotinoids. 


Last year only, Bee informed partnership reported 42.1% bee population lost nationwide during April 2015 to April 2016. Bee informed Partnership noted that this was the second highest annual loss recorded to the date and that the number lost is far more than the acceptable loss.  Pennsylvania's losses are at 60.6% , significantly higher than the national average. Bee population started to drop significantly since 2006 as, CCD, Colony collapse disorder (worker bees never returning back to their hives and the bee colony collapsing  without them)  appeared. Furthermore,In the recent years, there has been a huge loss over the summer period which experts such as  Dennis vanEngelsdorp, an assistant professor of entomology at the University of Maryland and project director for the Bee Informed Partnership, find alarming as the bees are meant to be the healthiest in the summer.This year was the second year that summer loss rates rivaled winter loss rates and experts tell that actions must be taken before it worsens. 

According to Bee informed partnership, pesticides take part in decreasing the bee population. Neonicotinoids, a type of systemic pesticide (injected in the seeds) , are especially toxic to bees as they contain chemicals similar to nicotine. Analysts had documented that there are more than 150 different chemical residues in the beehives, which we still don't know how they react to each other except that they are harmful. According to a study recently published in the journal "science", bees that have been poisoned by neonics (short for neonicotinoids) were 2-3 times more likely to die and the homing abilities of the bees were negatively affected.  Some researchers claim that neonics are safe enough, but noting the sharp increase in demand for neonics in 2005, and appearance of  CCD (worker bees never returning back to their homes) in 2006, it is difficult to say that neonics are harmless.

For such reasons, we suggest the farmers use toxic chemical pesticides only after flowers die, use organic pesticides before flowers die, follow certain guidelines when applying pesticides and lastly we demand the government to provide funds, promote organic foods, and furthermore ban neonicotinoids.

Because organic pesticides may not be as effective as pesticides with high toxicity and also because they tend to be more expensive, we demand the PA government to pay the organic pesticide companies in PA, lowering the prices of organic pesticides. According to research, when farming organically, there is 20% loss in the total number of crops produced compared to when using toxic pesticides. The 20% lost in dollars are in average $17300 per farms and that number multiplied by the number of farms in PA is $1,092,719,900, approximately $1,100,000,000. To compensate for such loss , we demand the PA state government to give 10% of this , $1,100,000,00 , to the pesticide company, making sure the organic pesticide price lowers. Along with this, we demand the government to promote organic food increasing the demand for organic foods in the market. Furthermore, we demand the government to ban neonicotinoids as they are proven to be extremely harmful to bees and because they are injected into the seeds, the pesticide remains for a longer period of time, possibly months.  

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