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It’s time that the state of Pennsylvania makes good on a promise made more than half a century ago to locate a community college within commuting distance of every Pennsylvanian.

It’s time that Erie County gets a return on its ongoing investment of tens of millions of state tax dollars that have helped fund 14 other community colleges in Pennsylvania for decades.

It’s time that Erie County residents get the benefits of the affordable and accessible education that community college provides in more than 1,100 communities across the country, 14 of which are in Pennsylvania.

It’s time that Erie employers have an ongoing partner in workforce development that is targeted at meeting their current and future needs to remain competitive in the global economy.

It’s time that all of the citizens of Erie County, regardless of economic status, age or life circumstance have a pathway to the good-paying jobs and improved quality of life that only a community college can offer.

The Time is Now for Erie County Community College!

Make sure the Pennsylvania Board of Education hears your voice in support of establishing Erie County as the 15th Community College in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Important Note! I am not accepting any financial contributions for this effort. I simply want to make sure your voice is heard in the effort to get a community college in Erie County!