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Pennsylvania: Save Great Teachers from Seniority-Based Lay-offs


As many as 160,000 teachers across the country will lose their jobs this year due to massive budget cuts that states, including Pennsylvania, are facing.  

What’s even more devastating is that our children will lose thousands of great teachers because of antiquated “last in, first out” LIFO policies, which force out some of our best teachers, regardless of how good they are.

Pennsylvania currently requires the use of these types of policies, which essentially base layoff decisions on seniority rather than performance quality.

Research shows that when districts conduct seniority-based layoffs, we end up firing some of our most effective teachers. Our kids deserve better.

Put simply, teachers who change their students lives in the classroom should never be rewarded with pink slips. 

Take action today to urge Governor Corbett and the Co-Chairs of our Assembly and Senate Education Committees to end the short-sighted LIFO policies that continue to force our schools to lay off some of our kids' great teachers.

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